English - Arabic Dictionary


Thank you for your interest in the Arabic Dialect Dictionary Project. Designed for anyone who is studying the Arabic language, living in an Arab environment or working overseas, this dictionary will cover as many dialect variations of the Arabic language as possible, including slang and colloquial language to help you understand or be understood whenspeaking or hearing Arabic.

How much will it cost?

It will depend on which version of the dictionary you need:

Limited Free Version - Free to read, search, explore anytime you need. It's entirely dependent on donations to help it expand and grow. Updates are posted once a month.

Full Online Version - For any donation over $10, you wil receive a code to unlock the full version of the dictionary. You can access it immediately and watch its expansion (updates are posted daily), the official online release date will be 1st September 2019.

Published Works - The entire dictionary will be available in the bookstore in October 2019. You can start making pre-orders in September 2019 so you can get your copy as soon as it's released. If you make a donation before then, you will receive a coupon code for a discounted price.

Making a Donation

Tap here to make a donation through Paypal, or tap here to make a donation through SquareUp. If you don't want to make a donation at this time, you can tap on the "Donate" menu item above at any time.

This is a neutral publication

As mentioned above, this publication focuses on the Arabic language and the many varieites that are found. It will remain neutral in all ways, including:

1) NOT taking sides in politics or religion
2) NOT exalting one people or race over another
3) NOT promoting hate or intolerance.

Thank you!

Please enjoy this as it's intended to be - a reference tool for those who are researching a school project or for translators and interpreters, or employees who are working overseas.